I am a M.Sc. physiotherapist and manualtherapistworking in Oslo, Norway. At my clinic I work with physiotherapists, manualtherapists and other professions as coaches, MDs, a orthopedic, nurses and personal trainers.

As a physiotherapist and manualtherapist I work on daily basis with patients with muscle and skeletal problems. A lot of the patients are athletes and active people in recreational sports (young and adults).

I also treat patients of all ages with general muscle and skeletal problems. The patients have usually low back injuries or pain, neck injuries or pain, upper  and lower limbs injuries  or pain.

The Manuthera 242 is perfect for assessing, testing and treating the patients. Because of the versitile possibilities that follow the human body’s natural movement, the therapist is able to assess the patient in a very gentle and accurate way. With this treatment table in many situations I can use easier treatment and assessment skills in a soft and accurate way. With Manuthera 242 you are able to treat the patient from the acute stage to the other end of the line, which are patients who have come to more chronic stage of their muscle and skeletal problems.

On daily basis I very often use the flexion / distraction possibility for the patients with problems in the lower back. I can recommend this treatment table for other therapists and MDs

Morten Romslo
Manueltherapist M.Sc.
Frisk3 Mosjøen

Manuthera 242 - The most versatile treatment table in the world

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