I‘m Florin Costea, a medical massage therapist and Master of Chiropractic according to Ackerman, Thompson. Our medical center is located in Vienna, Austria.

Mostly I treat patients with pain in lumbar and thoracic spine, as well as such with disc protursions or sprained vetebrae segments in this areas. I am using Manuthera 242 for decompression by traction, mobilization from cervical to lumbar spine with help of moving parts of the table.

Manuthera has opened up new ways for me. It makes my therapies even more effective and it’s much easier for me to work, as I don’t need anymore so much physical power. With Manuthera the patients with disc problems are treated in a more effective way by using the features of Manuthera. The favorite feature of the Manuthera 242: I love the tilt up with lateral flexion and rotation.

Florin Costea
Piaristengasse 2-4
A-1080 Wien

Manuthera 242 - The most versatile treatment table in the world

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