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Manuthera 242 is by far the most versatile and effective therapy bed I've ever used. Whether I'm working with acute, chronic, or rehabilitative cases, I've found that this table consistently delivers results.

Dr. Chris Koultukis, ChiropractorNew York, USA

The Manuthera 242 design allows me to use gravity and the weight of the patient to naturally decompress their spine. My patients have noticed a tremendous improvement in the depth of their mobility without the force of a drop table and they are loving it!

Dr. Chelsea Vallario, ChiropractorSouth Carolina, USA

What I prefer most about Manuthera is the practicality and specificity with which I can combine movements, so that every patient gets individually specific treatment and exercise that are effective for them.

Anastasia ForcolinPadua, Italy

The look is impressive, the function is even more impressive. Patients like it, most more than like it. I am likely going to have to get one for the other office. I did not expect to like it as much as I do.

Dr. Jaison Golojuh, D.C.Butler, PA, USA

Since working with Manuthera is physically easier, I can take on more clients a day. And of course, I also notice this in my free time: I have more energy to take care of myself and exercise.

Jarno Haikonen, Osteopath and CEOHelsinki, Finland

I call it the Rolls Royce of tables. Thank you for this invention!

Eric HamerlakParis, France

Manuthera has opened up new ways for me. It makes my therapy even more effective and it’s much easier for me to work, as I don’t need anymore so much physical power.

Florin CosteaVienna, Austria

The treatment bench is like a part of me. No other bench I have seen or worked with has had so many functions, which are so easily accessible and have such precision as Manuthera 242.

Thorbjörn GranqvistHelsingborg, Sweden

The Manuthera 242 is perfect for assessing, testing and treating the patients. Because of the versitile possibilities that follow the human body’s natural movement, the therapist is able to assess the patient in a very gentle and accurate way.

Morten RomsloMosjøen, Norway

The Manuthera 242 allows me to apply my manual skills with a lot of ease and it makes everything more simple. My favorite features are the lumbar traction and the thoracic mobilisation.

Alberto FentanesBuenos Aires, Argentina

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Manuthera 242 Videos

See the most versatile treatment table in the world in action!

Lumbar spine therapy  1:55

Lumbar spine soft tissue therapy and mobilization using flexion and lateral flexion

Thoracic spine therapy  2:15

Thoracic spine examination and mobilization using flexion, extension and lateral flexion

Examination, side lying  2:24

Thoracic spine examination and mobilization when lying on the side

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Yes, tell me more about Manuthera 242

Interact on images to read about Manuthera 242 features!

Hover on images to read about Manuthera 242 features!

Electronic tilt up & down

Function for gravity based  treatment; also enabling easier access for patients onto the table. Spinal decompression has never been this efficient and pleasant for the patient!

Head section with traction and folding two ways

Advanced 3D functionalities for the safe mobilisation of the cervical spine and neck through traction, vertical and lateral head movement.

Arm rests with stepless height adjustment and lateral movement

The arm rests can also be moved to the side to function as side supports.

Two-piece thorax section

Two-piece thorax section for vertical thorax bending and a 3D rotational motion. A unique tool for thorax mobilisation and manipulation!

Synchronised lifting motors

Manuthera 242 is the world's first treatment table equipped with two synchronised lifting motors. This twin-motor feature enables smooth, easy movement and facilitates the therapist's work. In emergency situations - if there’s something caught between the mechanism – table rises automatically. Broad height adjustment from 49 cm to 105 cm.

Drop function

Traction drop, which enables easier and more diverse hip and lumbar area manipulation.

Lower body section with extension/flexion, lateral movement and 3D rotational motion

Lower body section featuring a broad traction functionality

This enables very versatile mobilisation techniques.