I’m a physiotherapist and osteopath who has worked over for 30 years. Like other therapists, the practice of our art causes many musculoskeletal disorders. Since I bought the Manuthera 242 I have used it daily with all my patients. I appreciate the ease of some maneuvers, thanks to differents mobile parts, which allows both stretching and effortless manipulations.

In my practice, I use different techniques of stretching – relaxation – mobilisation. I appreciate Manuthera 242 enormously for all the lumbosacral techniques that I can use as well as for stretching as manipulations including drop. This table makes life easier, and allows less tiring practicing. Manuthera 242 has changed a lot of things in my practice meaning less effort, more patient comfort and some manipulations that I had neglected are now much easier to do and thus reintroduced.

Having the table for a few months, I have not explored all the possibilities. But actually all cervical, tractions and also lumbar and dorsal mobilizations are much more easy and I practice them more importantly. It’s difficult to say which feature I prefer, this table is a whole and every part is useful. The great side of this table is the lateral bending that can put the patient in stretch effortlessly for therapists and with great comfort and efficiency for patients.

To summarize, I call it the Rolls Royce of tables. Thank you for this invention!

Eric Hamerlak
Paris, France

Manuthera 242 - The most versatile treatment table in the world

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