In demanding examinations and treatments, the choice of treatment bench is crucial to be able to perform a treatment that is both correct and as comfortable as possible for the patient. No other bench I have seen or worked with has had so many functions, which are so easily accessible and have such precision as Manuthera 242.

Thorbjörn Granqvist, physiotherapist at the Noventus Clinic in Helsingborg has been in the business for 30 years has worked with Manuthera 242 for one year and with the forerunner for many years before that.

”A lot has happened in the development. More engines, a more stable undercarriage and more easily accessible functions have been added.”

The Manuthera 242 is very precise in all joints and the engines are quiet and work smoothly. Thorbjörn Granqvist especially appreciates Manuthera 242’s unique multi-traction features and many other functions that take the physiotherapists work to a whole new level. Treatments can be performed 3-dimensional using bench functions; traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation, and also with the help of gravity.

”It is physically relieving to be able to work in three dimensions.”

The Manuthera 242 becomes a treatment method in itself. It offers the opportunity for many positions, grips and techniques I would not be able to implement without it. All benches support body, but I haven’t found any other bench where I can make settings with the same variation. Nowadays the bench is a part of me and I find all the functions without even looking.

Thorbjörn Granqvist
Noventus Clinic
Helsingborg, Sweden

Manuthera 242 - The most versatile treatment table in the world

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