I am Wang Zhuangfu and I’ve been a therapist for 3 and half years. I work at Rehabilitation Clinic of The Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University. The hospital is located in Guangzhou. We use physiotherapy to treat musculoskeletal disorders and we are especially good at treating spine pain.

Spinal related patients are very common and Manuthera is used a lot in our therapy. By combining Manuthera and common Rhythmic Oscillating Mobilization techniques, Maitland, Mulligan, MET ect. we help patients to solve different muscles, joint and functional disorders.

Manuthera is extremely effective with less effort, which enables us to treat 10 to 20 patients per day and without fatigue. This was a huge workload for us before Manuthera came up. Manuthera guarantees good treatment efficiency and at the same time helps PT to avoid occupational injury and fatigue.

We have understood that Manuthera can be used to treat not only neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain but also scoliosis patients. By adjusting different segments of the table combined with manual techniques, the results are much better than with simple manual treatment and movement. And also, the tilt down function of this table makes the traction more mild but still effective for our patients with lumbar disc herniation.

My favorite feature of this table is the movable multi-segments. It is suitable for spinal patients of different type.

Manuthera 242 - The most versatile treatment table in the world

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